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Dominatrix in Paris, delicious and cruel

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So you are looking for a dominatrix with a fiery temper. Look no further because Divine Jasmine is a 34-year-old Kabyle Algerian dominatrix who has been practicing her art for 10 years in Paris. She knows how to be gentle and generous with her most docile submissives, but she will be cruel, despotic and contemptuous towards those who have deserved it. You can also consult my more detailed presentation.

My site will therefore allow you to get a very precise idea of my universe, my desires and taboos. I have a very large spectrum of BDSM plays : foot fetishism, whipping, trampling… right down to champagne (piss fetish) or caviar (scat fetish) which my submissives have enjoyed for years in complete safety. Indeed, I easily indulge in very hard with verbal and physical violence, but I can also be very soft and gently to dominate you.

Finally, my site is above all a blog. So I create new articles there with photos and videos very frequently. These articles look like me, always spontaneous, sometimes a little more dramatic, soft or hard,… like me.

Finally, as many ask me, yes I write the articles, I choose the photos, and I validate the layout. My webmaster is very technical. 

Make yourself comfortable, relax, learn about my world and my rules. When you feel ready to submit to my greatness: call me.

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I am a very perverse Parisian dominatrix for real or virtual. I like both hard and soft. I receive you for sessions or internships in Paris 17th (Me Rome). I also practice remote and financial domination with pleasure.

Finally I propose many worn objects or intimate fluids, by correspondence or by hand delivery in Paris 17.   

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