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This is a vast subject… The list of my practices is extremely long. So I cannot cite them all as they can be broken down in so many ways.

I still cite the following practices, you can explore them in the boxes below after watching my little video 🙂

Jasmine games
A short video of my skills

Jasmine games

Foot and shoe fetish

feet, shoes, stockings ...

Olfactory fetishism

feet, private parts, shoes, stockings, armpits, ...

Other fetish

Latex, leather, other fetishes ...

Intimate fluids (soft)

(spitting, pissing, chewed food, ...)

Intimate fluids (hard)

scato, emeto, menstruation ...


facesitting, smothering, strangulation, confinement, handcuffs, ties, chastity, ..


slapping, blows, spanking, trampling, ballbusting, whip, riding crop, ...


Dildo, strapon, fisting, speculum, dilation


Wax, cigarette, cbt, probe, roulette, electricity, ...


degradation, exhibition, larbinage, feminization, infantilization, dog & pony training, ...


tease & denial, role play, ...


teamviewer, ...

Do not hesitate to suggest practices not present in the list. It is possible that I consent to it.

My taboos

Despite my very wide range of practices, there are some that I refuse to do:

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