Who is divine jasmine

Knowing who is Divine Jasmine

I am a 37-year-old French-Algerian dominatrix. The art of dominating men and women has become my daily life since I was 24 years old. But it's something that I have gradually discovered since my teenage years.

Who is Divine Jasmine?

My vision of domination

My vision of domination is mainly gynarchist although, obviously, I have no particular worship of women nor any hatred or contempt for men. In other words, I am NOT MISANDRE IN ANY WAY. Besides, my view of misandry is no more complacent than that which I have for misogyny and I have no score to settle with men. This point is important in this troubled period of identity struggles: I carry no other flag than my own and I do not confuse BDSM and politics.

However, I realize that the motivations of my favorite submissives are to put me on a pedestal, to consider myself a queen, a goddess, who honors them with my magnanimous or despotic presence for a short or long while. I love that shine in their eyes, when I punish them as when I reward them. I like the idea that they totally accept my authority, whether it is fair or unfair to them. I just love to be in a situation of total supremacy, both with men and women.

Mistress Jasmine submissive types

I do not have a typical submissive profile in terms of BDSM practices. I can flourish with a very soft submissive as well as with an extreme scatophilic masochist. On the other hand, I hate indecisive people and fantasists because they ruin all my pleasure. So I expect you to know yourself more or less, at least in terms of your desires and your taboos. This doesn't mean these things have to be set in stone (you can grow and learn) but knowing your limits at any given moment is the basis of any exhilarating BDSM relationship. Furthermore, I would like to point out that I do not like “brats”. If you try to provoke me to get punishment from me, the only thing you will find is my door slammed behind you.

My motivations end references

I'm not particularly interested in BDSM literature which I find rather bland with the notable exception of our favorite marquis and a few other writers. And I also don't care if I look like anyone, adopt such a language, swing wrongly and through unread bdsm literary references,... have this look rather than another: leather, latex, jeans, Berber dress... It depends of my inspiration, even if it can be negotiated before our session. I will do an article on my many outfits.

So to sum up: I have no other inspiration in my approach than these three convictions:

  • I was obviously made to dominate and this is the position in which I feel the most comfortable.
  • Whether we do hard or soft, clean or less clean, what matters is to leave no room for indecision. 
  • I don't try to look like anyone else and I don't care about BDSM codes, the pseudo rules of its environment (except safety!), As well as its literary references.

My vision on dirty plays

A note on "dirty plays". Yes obviously I do dirty things sometimes, but never forget that it's only you who suffer this dirt on your own free will, and I'm just having fun seeing you accept your fate more or less easily. You really have to take this into account: I am in no way a scatophile! On the contrary I have long had a disgust spontaneous for the thing. You will therefore never see me touch this waste without surgical gloves, and obviously, if you have some on you, I keep the right distance to make you suffer without getting dirty 🙂
Dirty-stuff is therefore a very simple way to clearly show that you are tremendously submissive to me. It is obviously not necessary for a BDSM relationship, but it is a constraint extreme like any other that awakens the fetishism of the submissive, his docility, his need for debasement and his resistance (If he's willing to stand it).

No sexual intercourse

Of course, even if it goes without saying, I prefer to specify thatno sexual intercouse is possible during our meeting. Also, don't expect me to masturbate you with my hands or feet. It’s all about DOMINATION. That being said, I will surely let you relieve yourself under my authority. I can even do it myself using my magic wand or other masturbator.

I always keep control

Finally, be aware that I do not conceive of a domination session in which I will not have total control. As a result, if you need things to go as YOU want in detail, then there is no point in contacting me. Nevertheless, in my great kindness, I always take into account the expectations of my submissives and I never impose on them practices that they did not wish. In short, we discuss the content of the session together beforehand, but on D-day I am in charge.

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