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As you know, I've decided to post your most interesting letters when you make a real effort to write them.

This testimonial recounts a 2h30 bdsm session with Thomas, a complete beginner. The session began with fetishizing of the feet and food, anal sex, sexual torture with tongs and, although a beginner, Thomas set the bar very high, wishing for a final apotheosis by being initiated into toilet training with champagne (uro) and caviar (scato). 

As this testimonial is very long, I've divided it into two parts. Here is the first part:

Here is Thomas' message. He describes the session and emphasizes his feelings.

Testimony of a submissive. Fetishism of feet and food
Message from Thomas

Hello Mistress,I'm writing these few lines to say thank you Maitresse and to keep a written souvenir of the fabulous moment you gave me on Friday May 3rd Maitresse.

I apologize for sending you my feedback so late, but I have to admit that these 48 hours have allowed me to come down from the cloud you had put me on following this fantastic session, but also to rethink every moment of that first session.

Your message sent by Chat the day before: "No turning back or saying no to me, that's an order", had the effect of a collar closed around my neck Maitresse, obliging me in any case to come and present myself at your feet and obey all your orders Maitresse.

So I showed up on Friday at 2pm, Maitresse, with some of the delicacies you'd ordered me to buy before coming.
So I arrived at your door with, I must admit, a little stress and excitement. The door opened and I discovered a magnificent Mistress, very warm yet firm. A beautiful woman I could finally contemplate in real life.

You invited me into your dungeon in a magnificent apartment. I then undressed on your instructions, Mistress.
Once I entered your apartment, I had to obey all your orders, Mistress, without question. The order I received by chat was clear: "No turning back or saying no is an order", so it was a moral obligation for me to obey whatever you ordered, Mistress.

I soon found myself on all fours, Mistress, at your feet, Mistress, having to lick your magnificent shoes, then your divine feet, Mistress. Your feet are magnificent, I loved breathing on them and then licking them carefully Mistress. The taste was divine Mistress, I love the smell of your feet. My mouth and my tongue are made for cleaning your feet Mistress, I love running my tongue between your toes and everywhere Mistress.

I was then treated to the best cakes of my life, Maitresse. Whether it was the strawberry or the chocolate cake, I've never eaten a cake so good Maitresse. I'm a big fan of tasting games Maitresse, and I really enjoyed myself Maitresse. Eating the chocolate cake under your feet was a pure delight Maitresse. Now only you can make me eat even better cakes. I know I'll be able to enjoy fantastic food for you Mistress.

Then Mistress I had the great pleasure of being taken by my Mistress, what a pleasure to feel your hands on my hips and to be penetrated deeply by you Mistress. I took so much pleasure Mistress to be fucked by you Mistress. I love so much to feel your hands pulling on my hips so that the dildo goes deep on each of your loins thrusts Mistress. Leaning back on your red sofa, my head buried in the cushions, I felt you inside me, coming and going harder and harder, Mistress. I spasmed so much I loved it Maitresse.I was then magnificently tortured by my Mistress, my sex transformed into a wax-covered hedgehog. As you applied the clamps, I felt the skin of my sex tugging harder and harder. You told me I could say "Please" if it hurt too much. But there was no way those words were coming out of my mouth, Mistress. I wanted to endure whatever you deemed necessary for the submissive that I am Mistress. And I loved suffering for you Mistress, I loved the clamps and the wax on my body. That moment when you sat on my face and dripped the wax on my nipples, stomach and sex was magical. I could have the honor of breathing you in, of smelling your fantastic perfume, Maitresse. I could no longer feel the wax on my body at that moment, Mistress, I was totally transported. Your perfume is so bewitching, Mistress.I was also able to choose the panties I liked the best smelling, your 3 panties all had a wonderful scent, but I preferred the second Maitresse which for me had the best scent Maitresse. But honestly, all 3 smelled so good Maitresse.

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