Message from a submissive #4 (End) (Olfactory fetish)

As you know, I've decided to post your most interesting letters when you make a real effort to write them.

This testimony recounts a very long session based almost exclusively on olfactory fetishism. I don't remember ever having kept someone for so long, devoting myself almost exclusively to this fetish. The subject in question is a German who has lived in Asia for years. His message was originally written in English but your mistress translated it for you. As it was really long, I divided it into two parts. The first one is HERE.Here is the second one :

So here is Theobald's message. He describes the session and emphasizes his feelings.

Message from Theobald

As the minutes slowly turned into an hour, I couldn't help but notice how some smells grew stronger with each passing second while others seemed to gradually fade until they finally disappeared completely. It wasn't just the smell itself; there was also something particularly satisfying about feeling all these different textures pressed firmly against my skin, like some kind of strange exhilarating sensory deprivation experience.

Overall, this isn't an experience I would lightly recommend to those seeking thrills, as there's a good chance you'll end up regretting your decision pretty quickly. That being said, for those brave enough and willing to delve into uncharted territories like this today, there is truly no other place as perfect as Divine Jasmine's Dungeon where anything is possible but everybody wins in the end!

After about an hour, which seemed like a too short eternity, Mistress Jasmine removed this huge mound from my head. Then she took off the two shoes that she had secured with a string as well as my gag.

Then came the tasting and sniffing of saliva and sputum, which involved collecting samples (during my confinement under her shoes and socks), including the corners of the mouth, the base of the tongue and the depths of the throat, where saliva tends to accumulate most densely before serving them on a small plate for my consumption. Each drop contained a sweet and savory note as I savored every flavor that danced across my smell and taste receptors.

The armpits came next; They say sweat has no smell but let me tell you now – that statement couldn't be further from the truth thanks to my sweet and cruel Mistress Jasmine who agreed not to shower since the day before ! This is where things got interesting because unlike shoes or socks, bodies don't stop producing odors even after death, so imagine how rich and complex the scent must have become over these long hours spent either standing under the bright lights of department store counters, sitting and engaged in a work meeting with colleagues, during a sports session?

Then came the handkerchiefs and tissues which had been kept after cleaning various areas of her body such as face, lips, nostrils, eyelids, vagina or even the anus. Believe me, it was impressive to see, or rather guess (because my eyes were blindfolded) all kinds of residue gathered in each of them, but somehow knowing that they only belonged to 'to her ultimately made everything extremely exciting. This moment was accompanied by a very long, extremely sadistic game: Mistress Jasmine put the object a few inches from my nostrils and I had to guess what it was. If I made a mistake, she gave me 5 strokes of the crop on my stomach (freed from the sarcophagus), then she stuck the object on my nose. If I was wrong again she would give me 5 more strokes of the crop and make me lick the part of the fabric impregnated by her. And if I was wrong again, it would be 10 strokes of the crop! It is impossible for me to say how many I received but Mistress Jasmine had found the perfect pretext to satisfy the masochist that I am.

Now it was time to get more intimate with the panties Mistress Jasmine had worn from the day before. She placed one of her scat/facesiting seats above my face, holding my head to the ground, then sat on it. Her crotch and buttocks were a few inches from my face. All she had to do was bend over or straighten up to align one or the other just above my nostrils. Closing my mouth with one hand, she would regularly say “Sniff your mistress!” ". Each breath brought out vivid images of past encounters or fantasies when I dreamed of having those same parts of my partner's body pressed firmly against my face. She sat on the box for twenty minutes at least, before deciding it was time to remove it and sit directly on my face. She did it without any care, without worrying about the comfort of my breathing. On the contrary, I felt that she was very amused by choking me regularly. Her intimate scents intoxicated me and I could feel the humidity of the fabric directly on my skin. I will never forget this endless moment during which she freed my penis from the sarcophagus and had fun tickling or tormenting it. I was simply in heaven and wanted this moment to never end.

Then came the final bouquet. She stood up, took off her panties, then rubbed the part of the fabric from the crotch and the gap against my nostrils and my mouth. She ordered me to lick it until she was all clean then squatted over my face for an anal and vaginal exploration which involved sniffing around and on the rectum until finally reaching climax when I have obtained permission to penetrate my nose into the most sacred parts of her female anatomy! While she crushed her vagina and her anus on my nose and my mouth, she said “You’re having a hard-on, you pig!” You will cum for your Goddess!”. She grabbed her magic wand and began to stimulate the base of my glans with her toy. Soon after, she released an endless stream of piss onto every inch of my face. She made this moment last a little by stopping the stimulation at the right moment then shouted “Cum now!” ". A few seconds later I experienced one of the greatest orgasms of my life. I was absolutely overwhelmed.

Then Mistress Jasmine said to me “Are you feeling okay?” You want to be released I suppose? ". I replied “Yes thank you mistress! ". But she replied, “But that’s not enough for me. All my piss fell into the tray under your head. I'm going to turn you around and when you've drunk it all, sucking hard, I'll release you. I know that your excitement has gone with your enjoyment. But you’re going to prove you still belong to me.” She turned me face down and knowing that I had no choice, I obeyed her order very meticulously. At the time it was very difficult because my excitement had gone with my very recent ejaculation but when I think of that moment and her determination, I know why I couldn't do without my mistress Divine Jasmine.

After freeing me she sent me to the shower and we talked for a long hour about everything and nothing after the session. As always, she was kind and cordial after our game. When it was time to leave, she accompanied me to the door and then said, “Tell me goodbye.” I prostrate myself before her, kissing each of her bare feet for a long time until she says “That’s enough”. I get up, she gives me a big smile, caresses my cheek and says “see you soon!” ". She opens the door and I leave...

As I left her building, feeling both exhausted and strangely fulfilled, all my thoughts brought me back to one thing: anticipation of the next session where similar adventures would await us again. I think I'm ready for toilet training now! I would like Divine Jasmine to use me as a toilet next time. I'll have to talk to her about it. In the meantime, sweet dreams everyone!

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