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Many of you want to write articles on my site. Here's a quick guide to doing it:

  • For the moment I am only interested in testimonies of experiences lived with me. So no fictional BDSM stories.
  • Afin de faciliter mon travail de publication et pour rendre les articles lisibles et cohérents entre eux je souhaite une structure précise :
    • A title
    • A subtitle
    • An introduction
    • A chapter/paragraph dedicated to your feelings before the session and at the time of making contact
    • As many chapters/paragraphs as you want on the course of the session. Ideally each chapter should be dedicated to a BDSM practice or to a coherent whole.
    • A conclusion

If you follow these commands and if you make a minimum of writing effort, I will happily publish your article while preserving your anonymity.

Go ahead!!! 

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