Happy New Year to all

Best wishes for 2023!

I wish you all a wonderful year 2023. Filled with happiness, success and docile devotion to your favorite mistress.I'd like to take this opportunity to share with you my main resolutions for 2023.

Priorityé Aux Cérébraux

I'm exclusively interested in submissives guided by their brains rather than their hormones. So whatever the reasons, if it's "today or never", then it's never. I never receive without an appointment, and never for the same day, except sometimes as a follow-up.

Priority Au Suivi

For much the same reasons, I'm going to give a lot of encouragement to my follow-up submissives. Like a life coach or tutor, I'll make sure I'm even more available to my most loyal and attentive ones. Any cerebral relationship takes on its true dimension with time.

Gamex d'Aiguilvisit

I'd like to develop an expertise in rather soft needle play, with small-gauge medical needles. I find it exciting, fun and allows me to express my artistic sense in an adorably sadistic way in complete safety and hygiene. 

Toilet Training Queen

I remain passionate about toilet training for my most gourmet, dedicated and motivated slaves. And I make it a point of honor to educate novices who are convinced they want to be used as a toilet by a sensual, uncompromising mistress. But only with a submissive who has explicitly requested it. 

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Prendre Son Temps

The 2022 experience confirmed my desire to favor longer sessions. So on the one hand, I confirm that I no longer see anyone for less than an hour. But above all, I really reduce my requirements for sessions of 2 hours or more. Don't hesitate to ask me for more information on the subject. 

Jasmine Se place

After several great experiences in 2022, I'm going to continue traveling to those who give me the necessary guarantees (covering my expenses, etc...). Exclusively for long-term sessions, of course. Indeed, taking control of my subjects in their environment can lead to extraordinary experiences, even with less artifice and equipment. 

Encore Des Videos

Now that I only receive by appointment, I'll be able to develop my creative talents even further in my videos. Don't forget that I have 3 platforms: Onlyfans for the very soft stuff, Loverfans for the hard stuff and Darkfans/Scatbook for the extreme stuff. An online store is also in the pipeline for those who don't like subscriptions.

Once again, a wonderful year in the service of Divine Jasmine!

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