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Important note: Unless we have already met, NEVER contact me for any other reason than the organization of a real or virtual session.

This site contains ALL the information you need to make up your mind, and if you don't feel it is, so be it!

This attitude may seem unfair to you but it is the price to pay to be able to devote the necessary time to the submissives who make the effort to come to see me in sessions or who subscribe to my remote domination programs accessible in my shop.

Also, take note that I never move, under any circumstances when I do not know the subject well. It is therefore useless to offer me dinners, vacations or other before we really get to know each other through sessions.

I receive in a beautiful apartment in the 17th arrondissement of Paris (Rome metro). You will find all the comfort, hygiene and discretion necessary for an optimal session, whatever the its duration. Please note that this is not a dungeon, although I have a ton of bdsm gear and furniture.

My phone number and E-mail are at the bottom of this page. However, I ask you to respect the following protocol to contact me. If you don't, I'll just remind it to you before any exchange:

• Send me an SMS briefly describing you (Age, origins, bdsm experience, main desires and taboos, ...) after having possibly filled my beautiful form . Think carefully about the SMS. It is essential for my organization and I will not answer any call without having it on my records.

Regarding the form, if you find it tedious (in reality it is a bit) I won't blame you but remember I created it to ensure the session goes well on both sides. 

• If you get a positive answer from me, it will be time to talk on the phone to schedule a meeting.
For many reasons that are unique to me (past no-show, doubts about your motivation, too much procrastination, session several days in advance, caviar session, session of 2 hours and more ...) I may ask you to pay an advance . It is totally useless to try to dissuade me because I will NEVER come back to this requirement if I asked you to. It is obviously understood that this deposit will NOT be refunded to you if you do not come to the appointment.

I can obviously understand that the above request could be problematic but I have the opposite pb: a significant part of requests for long sessions or caviar are idiots who fantasize in front of their pc, and I have no way to realize this since all submissives tell the same beautiful story over the phone. A solution perhaps to convince you of my good faith: reserve a classic session of one hour without caviar within 24 hours to start, I will not ask you for any advance and you will get a concrete idea of my seriousness 😉 Of course, if you do not show up for the appointment, an advance will be required if you wish to book again.

Finally, consider that my time is in no way the variable for adjusting your punctuality. If you arrive late, the end time will NOT be changed.

All of these measures allow me to devote all my time to the only submissives who are worth it: those who are ready, without procrastinating, to show their devotion through simple and concrete acts that make me happy. Whether they really mean it or whether it's just a game.

Contact information


Paris, 17th arrondissement, between Rome and Place de Clichy.





I provide a high quality domination service, I hate to multiply the sessions during the day, I invest a lot in my outfits and equipment, as well as in the place where I receive you,… and finally I devote a large part of my time to this passion. It therefore obviously follows that these services have a price.

The price of a real session depends on its duration, and other parameters such as: 

  • Request for extreme practices that require special organization / preparation (caviar, etc.) 
  • Request for multiple dominas 

 Do not hesitate to consult my meeting conditions and come back to me if you want to follow up.

Warning : No sexual relationship is possible with me (penetration, blowjob, handjob, footjob,…). I ONLY practice domination

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