Message from a submissive #3 (Scat)

As you can see, I've decided to post your most interesting letters when you make an effort to write them.

This testimony tells of a recent initiation to Scat in a toilet-training approach. Although it only focuses on that (we've done other things), it's interesting because it gives enough detail so you can get an idea of ​​what happened in the session.

Here is Stéphane's message. He describes the session and emphasizes his feelings.

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Message from Stéphane

My dearest Divine Mistress Jasmine,

I'm writing you this e-mail to express my deepest gratitude for the extraordinary scato experience we shared during our last session together in Paris. It was an unforgettable encounter that made me a "toilet-slave" forever. I want you to know how much I enjoyed being under you, and how grateful I am for this teaching.

When I made the appointment, I asked you to force me to swallow everything without a safe word. After discussing the matter with me and analyzing my profile, you considered that I was capable of doing this and so agreed.

Our session began with a very intimate moment. You stood before me, your gaze intense as you filled a glass to the brim with your pee - a sight that both intrigued and terrified me. As I lifted the glass to my lips and took my first sip, I couldn't help but feel an immense sense of gratitude for having been able to experience such an intimate moment with my Mistress. The taste was unlike anything I'd experienced before, and yet it felt right - as if every drop of urine served as a reminder of our indissoluble bond as mistress and submissive.

After draining the glass, I eagerly awaited your next command, knowing that whatever it was, I would face it with the same determination and purpose that had seen me through that first challenge. To my surprise, you asked me to drink directly from the source - an act both daunting and exhilarating. As I knelt before you, feeling the warm stream of urine flow into my mouth, I couldn't help but feel an immense sense of gratitude for having been able to experience such an exciting moment.

Then came the moment when you took a shit on a cream cake that was sitting in front of me on a plate. The sight sent shivers down my spine as I held the plate steady, eagerly awaiting your next command. As the smell of excrement filled my nostrils, I couldn't help but feel a sense of dread mixed with anticipation - knowing that this was just another step in my journey to complete submission and obedience. You made me sniff it for what seemed like an eternity, testing my resolve and assuring you that I understood how far I would have to go to please you completely.

As if you'd sensed my hesitation, you took matters into your own hands by making me lick the cake, a task both repulsive and exhilarating. Each stroke of your tongue was accompanied by waves of pleasure and repulsion running through my body as I tasted the sweet concoction mixed with excrement.

The real test came when you used a spoon to feed me more and more of your excrement, gradually increasing the proportion in each new spoonful. That's when I really felt like your shitter - happily swallowing every morsel you offered me without hesitation or reservation.

Finally, the ultimate test came when you positioned my face beneath your anus and emptied its remaining contents directly into my mouth. The sensation was like nothing I'd ever felt before, but there was undeniably something exciting about being so intimately connected with my Mistress in this way.

Throughout our session, you skilfully alternated between kindness and severity depending on my performance as the perfect shit swallower. Your gentle words of encouragement served to motivate me when I hesitated, while your harsh punishments - including slaps or whips - reminded me that there would be no mercy for those who didn't meet your standards.

As our session progressed, I was faced with another challenge, one that would test my limits in a way I never thought possible. You asked me to chew each mouthful of excrement thoroughly before swallowing, ensuring that each morsel was fully digested. At first, the idea of consuming such a repulsive substance seemed unimaginable, but as I began to chew and taste it, I found myself surprisingly attracted by its uniquely sweet flavor.

Despite the initial disgust that washed over me, I soon discovered that swallowing each mouthful became almost effortless - especially once the wave of nausea had passed. To my surprise, I even began to find the experience somewhat pleasurable as I revelled in the sensation of being so intimately linked to my Mistress through this shared act of submission and servitude.

Once again, I wish to express my deepest gratitude for the incredible scat experience we shared together during our last session. It not only strengthened my bond of submission, but also reaffirmed my commitment to serve you fully, whatever your requirements. I look forward to our next meeting.

Faithfully yours,

Your latrine

And here's my answer. It's not that uncommon to turn a total neophyte into a total wc swallower in a single session. That's what happened with this submissive. 

He wanted to be forced the first time. He got what he wanted because I felt he could do it.

Divine Jasmine Response

Good evening Stéphane le chiotte. Thank you for your kind message.I was indeed merciless with you because I felt you were capable of going all the way.I must admit that I've been particularly generous with you. First a very large quantity on the mont-blanc, then almost as much directly into your mouth...All it took was a little encouragement and a few strokes of the whip for you to swallow all my divine caviar 😉In short, you've earned your rightful place in the crapper with me. You'll have to make sure you're worthy of it when we meet again. In particular, you'll have to get rid of the grimaces and other gagging to become a perfect toilet and please your mistress. -- Divine Jasmine

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