The Art of Anal Pleasure: A Guide for Submissives

Anal pleasure is an aspect of BDSM that many submissives find incredibly rewarding, both physically and emotionally. It can be a very intimate and intense experience when done correctly, with the right combination of techniques, tools and approaches.

This guide aims to provide submissives with a comprehensive understanding of how to enjoy anal pleasure safely and comfortably, while deepening their submission to their mistress.

Anal pleasure or with Divine Jasmine

Communication is the key

Before engaging in any form of anal play, it's essential that submissive and Mistress communicate openly about what each wants, expects and feels comfortable with. This involves discussing limits, desires and any concerns or fears that may arise during the process. Establishing clear communication from the outset can help ensure a positive experience for everyone involved.

Preparation is crucial

Making sure both partners are clean before engaging in anal play is of the utmost importance. This includes taking showers, trimming the hair around the anus and possibly using enema kits to remove any fecal matter from the rectum. Good preparation not only improves aesthetics but also reduces the risk of infection or discomfort during play.

Use lubricant generously

Lubrication is crucial for anal play, as it helps reduce friction and makes penetration smoother and more comfortable. Water-based lubricants are generally recommended, as they can be used safely with most toys and condoms. It's essential to reapply lubricant frequently throughout the session, especially if things heat up or dry out quickly.

Start slowly and gradually increase intensity

Anal play should be approached gradually, starting with external stimulation, then moving on to gentle penetration using fingers or small toys. This gradual approach allows both partners to become accustomed to the sensations experienced, and helps prevent any discomfort or pain that might arise if things progress too quickly. As the submissive becomes more comfortable, it's possible to increase the intensity of play by using larger toys, adding extra pressure or experimenting with different positions.

Experimenting with different techniques

There are various techniques that can be used during anal play to increase the pleasure of both submissive and mistress:

  • Finger stimulation - gently massage and caress the outer and inner walls of the rectum.
  • Anal penetration - use fingers or small toys to penetrate the rectum, either shallowly or deeply, depending on the submissive's comfort level.
  • Prostate stimulation - targeting the prostate through anal penetration, which can lead to intense orgasms and a feeling of submission.
  • Sensory deprivation - use of blindfolds or other forms of sensory restriction during anal play to increase the intensity of sensation.
  • Mixing bondage and anal play - For some submissives, combining anal pleasure with other forms of BDSM play such as bondage can create an even more intense and rewarding experience. This may involve using restraints to limit movement during anal penetration, or incorporating anal stimulation into a wider scene including other elements such as spanking or flogging. By mixing these different aspects, submissives can further explore their desires and submission dynamics while enjoying new levels of pleasure and intimacy with their Mistress.

Extreme anal play

Engaging in anal pleasure can lead to a wide range of extreme experiences for submissives ready to explore their desires and limits. By trying out different techniques and tools, they can deepen their submissive dynamic with their Mistress while enjoying new levels of intimacy and connection together. Some extreme games that may appeal to some submissives include:

  • Anal Gaping - This involves stretching the anus wide enough to reveal its inner depths. While not for everyone, anal gaping can provide a unique sense of vulnerability and submission for those who enjoy it. It requires patience, skill and communication between partners to ensure that both parties feel comfortable and safe throughout the process.
  • Fisting - This extreme form of play involves inserting one or more hands into the rectum, usually up to the wrist. It's important to note that fisting should only be practiced by experienced people who have properly prepared their bodies through progressive stretching exercises. The intense sensations and feeling of fullness can create a powerful connection between Mistress and submissive during play.
  • Footing - This involves using the feet for anal penetration, often as part of a foot fetish dynamic. Some submissives find the sensation of being penetrated by their Mistress's feet incredibly pleasurable and intimate, further deepening their submissive experience.
  • Fucking Machines - These are mechanical devices designed to provide intense, constant anal stimulation. They can help mistress and submissive explore new levels of pleasure and control during play, with speeds and settings allowing a personalized experience tailored to each partner's desires.
  • Electro-stimulation - Involving the use of electrical currents to stimulate nerve endings in the anal region, electroplay can create unique sensations that some submissives find extremely pleasurable. However, it requires careful consideration and preparation due to the potential risks involved in using electricity during play.

Explore different positions

Different positions can help make anal play more comfortable and enjoyable for both partners. Some popular options include:

  • Doggy-style - the submissive gets down on all fours while the Mistress penetrates from behind, offering a good angle for easy access and deeper penetration.
  • Spooning - one partner lies behind the other in a spooning position, allowing gentle stroking and caressing as well as anal play.
  • Kneeling or standing - the submissive assumes a kneeling or standing position while the Mistress uses her hands or toys to stimulate the rectum from behind.
  • On his back - the submissive lies on his back, legs spread and raised, while Mistress uses her hands, toys or belt dildo on him.

Use appropriate protection

In the event of penetration, it's essential to use appropriate protection in the form of condoms to prevent the spread of STIs and other infections. In addition, if toys are used, I make sure they are made from body-safe materials and are properly cleaned between uses.

Deepening the submission

Anal play can considerably deepen a submissive's submission to his mistress in several ways. Firstly, engaging in activities that may be considered taboo or uncomfortable by society can create a strong sense of trust and vulnerability between me and my submissive. This level of intimacy fosters an even greater connection between us, allowing the submissive to fully surrender to his Mistress's dominance.

Secondly, anal play often involves a high degree of control on the part of the Mistress, as she must carefully guide and manipulate the submissive's body during play. This dynamic reinforces the power at play in BDSM relationships, with the Mistress taking charge while the submissive willingly submits to her desires.

Finally, anal pleasure can serve as a powerful reminder of the submission dynamic for both partners involved. The intense sensations and feelings of abandonment that arise during play can help solidify the submissive's commitment to his Mistress, creating an even stronger bond between them. In this way, engaging in anal play can truly deepen the bond between Mistress and submissive, enabling them to explore new heights of intimacy and submission together.

Aftercare is important

After an intense session of anal play, it's crucial that both partners engage in follow-up. This can involve anything from soothing words and talking about the experience to providing physical comfort through massage or gentle touch. I make sure the submissive feels safe, cared for and satisfied. This helps create a strong emotional bond between us and contributes to our overall submission dynamic.

In conclusion, anal pleasure is an exciting aspect of BDSM that can bring immense satisfaction and intimacy to both Mistress and submissive. By following these guidelines, submissives can safely explore this intimate area while deepening their connection with their Mistress and enhancing their overall submission experience.

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