Locktober with Mathilde

Introducing Mathilde

On this LOCKTOBER month, I am pleased to introduce one of my latest acquisition, Mathilde. He has been under my dominance for three months now, and I must say that he is quite impressive. 🔥❤️💋

Firstly, let me tell you that Mathilde is a very dedicated submissive. He comes to see me every two weeks, and during our sessions, we engage in some of the most intense BDSM activities. He is always eager to please me, and he never fails to impress me with his obedience and submission.

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Locktober with Mathilde

Chastity of Mathilde

One of the things that I love about Mathilde is his chastity cage. He wears it all the time, and I have the key to it. I enjoy teasing him with the knowledge that he cannot get hard without my permission. During our sessions, I release the cage for 30 minutes so that he can pleasure me with his tongue. However, I am always strict when it comes to his release, and he knows that any misbehavior will result in punishment.

The frustration and physical discomfort that Mathilde experiences due to his chastity cage adds an extra level of intensity to our BDSM play. Whenever he becomes aroused, he feels intense physical pain, which only makes him more determined to please me. This dynamic creates a powerful emotional connection between us, wherein Mathilde feels a deep sense of devotion towards me, and I feel immense satisfaction in being able to control and dominate him. Together, we explore the depths of our desires through intense BDSM activities, and Mathilde's worship of my feet serves as a testament to his commitment and loyalty towards me.

Many BDSM practices

Aside from his dedication and obedience, Mathilde is also quite adventurous when it comes to BDSM plays. We have explored many different types of play together, including foot fetishes, trampling, flogging, slapping, spitting, golden showers in his mouth or on his body, and of course, tease and denial and taunting him to lick my feet or my anus.. . Mathilde is always willing to try new things, and I love pushing his boundaries.

Foot fetishism

Mathilde has a deep love for my feet. He worships them during our sessions, and even outside of them, he often finds ways to be near them or to keep a worn sock or stockings of me in his pocket. The sensation of his lips on my feet, the touch of his hands against my thighs, and the sound of his moans all create a unique form of stimulation for both of us. For me, it reinforces my power over him and his submission to my desires. Meanwhile, for Mathilde, it provides a sense of comfort and security knowing that he is pleasing me and fulfilling my needs. This dynamic between us adds another layer of complexity to our relationship, one that is both physically and psychologically satisfying.

My bodily fluids

Another aspect of Mathilde's passion involves his fascination with my bodily fluids. Specifically, he finds great pleasure to worship my saliva, urine, and other fluids that my body produces. During our scenes together, he often savors the taste of my spit or the scent of my sweat, and he enjoys using these fluids to enhance our play. Outside of our scenes, Mathilde sometimes finds himself fantasizing about drinking my urine or licking my sweat off of my skin. While some may find this behavior strange or taboo, for Mathilde, it represents a deep respect and admiration for my body and its natural functions.

Remote domination

Mathilde's love for BDSM play extends beyond just our scenes together; he lives his life in a state of constant chastity. Whether he's at work, at home, or even during our scenes, Mathilde almost always wears a chastity device of some kind. This device serves as a reminder of his submission to me and his dedication to serving my every desire. At times, he must resist the temptation to masturbate or engage in any sort of sexual activity without my permission. However, this challenge only fuels his passion for me and his desire to please me in whatever way possible. Through his unwavering obedience, Mathilde demonstrates his love for me and his willingness to go to great lengths to satisfy my desires.

In conclusion, Mathilde is not just another submissive; he is a valuable asset to my BDSM community. His loyalty, obedience, and adventurous spirit make him stand out from the rest.

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