About your fears (extreme practices)

So here you are, you are ready to take the plunge but one last question torments you: what if it's too hard for me? What if I'm forced to do things I don't want to do? If, as the photos below handpicked for their impact show, I am whipped to blood, trampled with heels, burnt with cigarettes, used as a full toilet, or if Mistress Jasmine gives me her urine from the night before to drink… I who have almost no experience, or at least a whole other experience, I who cannot bear the pain, the humiliation, the degradation… How will I react?

As always, your mistress has an answer to this legitimate question:

Basic explanation:


You won't be subjected to any practices that fall within the limits you've made clear to me beforehand. I may flirt with them on a whim, but I've got all the experience I need to know when and where to stop. And whatever happens, you'll still have a safe word.


Can we imagine a worse humiliation than this?
I love this wc with natural recycling in the mouth of the submissive wc
My whips, whips and swifts are my brushes, your skin is my canvas

More elaborate explanation:

First of all, at the risk of surprising or disappointing some, or even many, there is not really sadism in me. I take no pleasure in seeing you suffer against your will. So I would be the last to forcefully tie you up and whip you with blood, or force you to swallow my caviar with my whip if I think you're not ready.

But in any case where you volunteer, I'll do it with great pleasure, because I love it when people submit to my authority, even if it means accepting pain.

So what I like is not to compel you directly, but that spontaneously, even if only for the duration of the session, you're at my beck and call, without my having to demand it.

It's precisely for this reason that it's de rigueur to be formal with me, as it's the first sign of deference. As for me, I'll always be on first-name terms with you.

A burn on each buttock, something to remember Jasmine for a week every time we sit down

Because what I love, above all, is your dedication, your docility, your irresistible desire to please me, in other words your CONSENT, even if it applies to an unexplored or anxiety-provoking area for you. I like you to transcend yourself for the sole pleasure of pleasing me, to attract my gaze, my attention and, in a way, my respect. Doesn't every master worthy of the name respect his rescue dog after an exceptional achievement? His slave after unquestionable proof of his devotion?

So if, for example, you're fascinated by the idea of becoming a perfect Jasmine wc (I'm deliberately taking extreme fetishism), I'll make a point of gradually training you in it, and during our games I'll make sure you become one, and I'll love it if I feel you're making real efforts to progress.

After a good flogging, nothing better than a massage under the feet of the mistress.
This is my vision of gender equality 🙂

But if, on the other hand, the bdsm path you're interested in is simply to pamper my feet, for example, that's just as fine with me, provided I have no doubts about your motivation and devotion in this area. I want to be the Queen of our games, whatever they may be. 

As far as corporal punishment is concerned, its main purpose is to add realism to our game. So I think they're necessary if they're not gratuitous. There's always a good reason to punish a submissive 🙂 



Nevertheless, here too I scrupulously respect the limits of the submissive. So if you don't want any marks, you won't get any, and if even light blows are unbearable for you, then they'll eventually be just symbolic. But if you like this type of punishment, I doubt you'll be disappointed, as it's one of my favorite practices and I can go VERY far in this area...

If necessary, a look certainly superior but benevolent will land on you if you have endured without (too much) a deserved masterful correction but, rest assured, it will also arise whenever, in one way or another. another, you will have been able to remove some of your ruts to impress me. To prove to me, with supporting evidence, that you accept, albeit very subtly, to think and act against yourself, against your fears, against your deep convictions, only to prove to me the confidence and dedication that you carry me. 



Another vision
Women's skin marks as much as men's.

Some might say that in the perspective where you forbid yourself to disappoint me, it is still a constraint. Perhaps, but this constraint has for only pillar your attachment to my power, or to your posture of submission, was it only during the duration of the session. It therefore comes under YOUR free will. Moreover, this constraint will always be progressive, gradual. Each submissive is a special case, a rough stone to be shaped in a unique way to lead them without haste to transcend themselves a little more with each encounter.

So you have no reason not to take the plunge EXCEPT if you have no idea what you expect, your limits, your motivation to submit to my feet. In this case, take all your time to think about it before calling me. My site has everything you need to inspire you.

What if I am wrong one day, if I believe you are ready for something that you are not yet capable of? ... You just have to use the magic phase: "pity mistress" ... Not a word more will be necessary for end the session.


This one got it for his rank ...
No comments ... This one has swallowed everything ...
Do not worry, if you are a novice or very soft, it is likely that you will not experience anything harder than that 🙂

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