To all my subjects!

Here it is, little submissive, the D-day has finally arrived, I'm back on the web after more than a year's absence. I'm back with lots of ideas, each one as kinky as the next. I'm also back with the firm intention of spending most of my time on my passion: using all the stratagems in the world to see you crawling at my feet, physically and virtually.

Indeed, those lucky enough to know me personally will know that I've finally managed to find someone I can trust to manage my main professional activity. As a result, I can now devote myself to my one and only passion. 

This means several things:

  • A very regular update of my blog. At least once a week. At first, I'll try to put online a preview of some of the remarkable content I've already captured in the past, then I'll move on to that captured recently.
  • For each session I capture, I will offer a set of high-definition photos/videos for sale. Please note that my face and voice will always be masked. Only physical encounters will allow you to see and hear me unfiltered. Those who travel must have an advantage...
  • At the same time, I'm in the process of developing the financial domination I've long put aside. Indeed, the experiences I've had in 2018/2019 have really made me want to go further in this area, so infinite are the possibilities. I'll have the opportunity to tell you more very soon.

See you soon on my site or in a real little cockroach 😉



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