Urgent need for an interior painter

Need a competent painter minion, available immediately and very docile to accomplish the following works:

1. Redo the painting of a small bathroom of about 8m2.
2. Scrub my entire apartment: floor, complaints, degrease the kitchen, etc.
3. Some small jobs

Your reward will be envisaged at the end of the work IF the result is satisfactory. You will then live an extremely memorable moment. You will not forget to fill in first my bdsm investigation so that I know your fetishes and taboos.

Are you really interested? So contact me through the application link at the bottom, only if the 4 requirements above are met at 100%. If there are any remarks, it is useless to apply because I am requesting a profile loving to obey the finger, the eye and the wand!

1. You are available within 48 hours, for two consecutive days minimum (8 hours / day minimum at my place).
2. You provide the paint (matte white bathroom, washable).
3. You are an extremely docile, experienced minion submissive.
4. You behave with deference to anyone who visits me.

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