Ownership and offerings

Are you wondering about the offerings?

If you are looking to meet me for one or more one-off sessions, this article is not for you.

But many are those who dream of a follow-up or a "belonging" (quite possible) while hoping to quickly remove the offerings. Know that if this is your dream, it will never happen, with me or anyone else. They will lighten over time, but they will always exist. Simply because offerings willy-nilly have these two key virtues:
- They are there one and only tangible proof of your submission. ALL the rest is just the expression of your fetishes.
- They keep you loyal and strongly encourage you to play the BDSM game so as not to "lose your investment".

Of course I often receive without offerings, but I'd have to be crazy to do it with strangers rather than long-time friends or submissives.

So no need to write me the article on the "real disinterested bdsm" which only exists in the fantasies of "submitters" who want to submit as long as it does not encroach a little on their comfort zone. To submit is to accept to renounce it at least partially! A good ear ...

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Phantasmers greatly parasitize the possibility of real

Ever since I was a teenager, I've always enjoyed watching men and sometimes women trailing at my feet. It's always titillated me. And ever since I decided to live it on a daily basis, one thing has remained hopelessly unchanged: the blatant lack of discernment of the vast majority of those (not those) who contact me for this purpose.

It turns out that the vast majority of you seem to think that being prepared to suffer my abuse and promising it to me, may in itself make you rare and attractive to me, and make you want to invite you at home for an hour, a day, a weekend or a lifetime to serve me and submit to me… Some will even send me a photo of their pretty face, abs, ass or sex, thinking that this will influence my choice. Others will be offended that I do not even want to spend ten minutes with them to probe their desires or praise my talents ...

So I would like to explain to you 90%s how OUT of the reality of the BDSM world you are. And if I want to do it it's because I think that a small part of you is "recoverable". I therefore invite you to first note the following points:  

  • Not a single day goes by that I don't receive a good hundred messages or calls, asking me the same thing as you. Not 10-20 but 100 +… If I spend three minutes for each of these calls, that means 5-6 hours a day just in contact! and if we add the few seconds or minutes between each contact, it's 10-12h / day if I make the commitment to discuss 3 minutes with you without knowing you! It's just impossible if I want to make it real or whatever.
  • It follows that for many years, I have attached a very relative importance to the initial declarations of my submissives because in writing, you are often the most resistant, devoted, available, docile and generous of the earth. Written or oral statements on this subject are therefore a hypothetical indication that I read or listen very quickly, and that I will possibly VALIDATE in the context of a REAL meeting.


The acceptance of the offering is your first tangible act of submission. 

So, if I don't know you, I will mainly evaluate two things: on the one hand your desire for reality, on the other hand your ability to submit to the offering. Only these two parameters will jointly cause a meeting.

Yes but here it is: This presentation of things upsets you. You are UNDECIDED. Why ? Well I will explain it to you in the light of my experience, my psychology, but especially the very many confessions that I have received from my most faithful submissives.  

First of all, you fall into two categories:

A: the so-called "fantasist" who dreams of a life or a moment that he doesn't have, knowing/thinking that his material constraints (finances, personal life,...) or psychological constraints (taboos, fears,...) don't allow him to take the plunge for the moment, but who contacts me anyway to dream.

B: The beginner/initiate/amateur who, in good faith, wishes to meet someone despite any hang-ups he or she may have, who accepts the offering without worrying too much about its symbolic value, but who is afraid of being disappointed, mainly because he or she is looking for a follow-up or a membership that implies a certain frequency of meetings incompatible with his or her budget.  

So dear submissive A, although I'm aware that you represent 80% of undecideds, and just as aware that your group probably contains many perfect submissives in the making, I invite you to wait until you're in category B before contacting me, as I simply don't have the time or inclination to deal with you. 😊

From now on, therefore, I am speaking only to you, subject B, because you interest me. And I think that what blocks you the most is an obvious observation: You would like to spend days with me or another, and if you multiply this time by the hourly offering, it is more than what you earn in a month. You will therefore only be able to see me from time to time, which prevents any possibility of achieving your dream. So what's the point ... So you will wait to find a mistress who will take you as you are, for almost nothing.

Yes, but here's the thing: that day will never come, and you know it perfectly well. Why should it, when there are so many more submissives aware of the value of the offering than there are dominas? It's absurd to imagine that it could happen, except by chance of a highly improbable meeting between two people totally outside the bdsm milieu invented in a novel (she dreams about it, he does too, they meet...).

Offering makes tracking and belonging possible by greatly filtering out fantasists

I will therefore explain to you how a real membership or follow-up can occur between you and me. And believe me, it's not literature but real life.

We meet for the first time after having spoken or written to tel. In our common interest, you have previously completed my survey form and I have clearly identified your expectations and taboos. We therefore spend one or more hours together depending on your desire and your means.

During this meeting, as well as during the following ones, or even between them, you tried to show me or evoke at my request your qualities as a submissive: docility, stamina, generosity, usefulness, availability, courtesy, helpfulness ... Of course, you didn't develop them all to the same level but that doesn't matter.

On the other hand - and this is a very important point - I've identified how I can integrate you into my world. With my closest submissives? With my closest friends? With anyone? After all, I'm not some princess in a castle whose sadistic heart is up for grabs for a life together! If you want to be followed or belong, you have to humbly accept that you're just one of my submissives, not the only one!    

And so, over the course of our meetings, following such and such an experience with you, having noted such particular qualities, I will surely be less and less demanding in terms of offerings, unless you are a mediocre submissive who expects nothing other of me than to satisfy his bdsm fantasies at the lowest price. Attention there will always be one but it is not uncommon for an evening or full weekend, it becomes lower than it was for an hour. The general idea being that it takes into account your means so that your submission to your mistress always translates into a renunciation on your part of a small part of your comfort for her pleasure, when you are not with her. Because that is the real proof of your submission. Indeed, obeying my orders or undergoing my treatment proves nothing other than your fetishes, but in no case your submission. If you are there, it is to satisfy them, not for me. But to give up a small part of your comfort for my well-being (was it because you expect BDSM in return), that is indisputable proof if not of your submission, at least that you accept the rules and codes . And as luck would have it, anyone who does it without complaint is my most exciting submissive. I have not found any exception to date ...

The offering makes you loyal to me

Moreover, this regular offering, even small, has a second extraordinary virtue: It builds your loyalty and makes you better submissive (unless you are a billionaire). The typical example of this is the modus operandi that I adopted 2-3 years ago for caviar. This is a very hard practice that arouses the passion of some and the disgust of others. So hard that even some regulars tend to back off at the last moment. How did this translate 3 years ago? It's simple, I received between 10 and 20 caviar appointment requests per day. I gave my conditions, I was told ok, I validated the appointment with the first one who seemed credible and interesting to me and… he didn't come. I insist: those who came were in the thick of the line. It was extremely rare: 2 or 3 presentations per month for 25-30 validated appointments! So I decided to set up this "reservation" system prior by sending me a deposit to confirm the appointment.  

So what happened? First of all, I went from 10-20 requests for appointments per day to a small handful (much easier for me to manage), but above all, I hardly had any more caviar rabbits: 1-2/month max. And it's all very logical: who wants to foolishly lose their money? It's absurd! And on the other hand, what domina that would invest in a site, infrastructure, outfits, equipment etc. would close the door to x sessions with someone in order to rip them off? just once ? Absolutely none, because it makes no sense!

Here's an example where a small offering completely changes the game: it creates the BDSM opportunity by almost completely filtering out the parasites that pollute this environment.

Another classic example: the minions. This population is so infested with fantasists that most dominas have given up using them. How I understand them! But then, I've always loved taking in the real stooges, seeing them work their asses off just for my well-being... it's extremely exhilarating to establish a bdsm relationship. So how did I manage not to give up? Simply by repeating my winning formula. You want to be my stooge? I'll give you the opportunity to make me or not a prior offering. If you do, I'm pretty sure you'll come, and you won't be discouraged at the first sweep of my big apartment. If you don't, either I know you (received in sessions, etc.), or you were recommended to me by someone that I knowEither you wait your whole life before coming to serve me, because I have no more time to waste with someone who, on the one hand, claims to be devoted to me body and soul, and, on the other, considers that this so-called total devotion isn't worth a restaurant with a bottle of wine...  

The conclusion is obvious

So if you really want to belong to me, he is impossible that from now on, you don't think it's right to show it to me in a tangible way, with an offering that will immediately remove you from the population of parasitic dreamers, and make me assume that you're serious and motivated in your approach. Don't ever forget that if your approach is well thought-out, well-considered, well-motivated, even unique for you, it will always come to me alongside dozens of others, just as well-constructed as yours, but which in reality are completely bogus. Moreover, remember that acts of allegiance are always accompanied by a gift (land, gold, spices, etc.) showing the suzerain that the subject is not content with a promise of submission. It was simply obligatory to establish trust.

And so, I will make an appointment with you in confidence, thinking that you have 9 out of 10 chances of coming (rather than one out of ten!), and just as many chances of respecting your promises of stooge, servility, etc… And if well - as it sometimes happens - you don't come or run away after 10 minutes, I would have had compensation and you a modest punishment 😉 

So know that if you dispute the legitimacy of the offering, it is totally useless to contact me...

But if you have understood the meaning of this offering and accept the constraint, then contact me and spoil me. I assure you that we will have fun together 😊

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  1. Here is a lesson that comes in little by little. There is indeed a real pleasure in sacrificing your comfort for the pleasure of your Mistress, and I think that it is all the more powerful and pleasant when you are young and not necessarily the wealthiest. But I'll do my best to prove myself worthy of the Goddess. This in fact recalls the sacrifices of what gave their most beautiful beast to the glory of their god, with the fact that the Goddess whom I honor is more likely to come down to earth to trample me under her feet than theirs.

    1. That's exactly it Olmo. My little finger tells me that there will soon be an article with your pretty face on my blog 😉 And I think this article will be very nice...

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